Gloomy artwork 

My name is Alexandra Lindgren. I'm a Swedish artist based in Gothenburg. My artist name Mörk Vallmo is Swedish for dark poppy flower. I grew up close to fields where this flower bloomed heavily, so it has always been a personal symbol for me.

I have always been drawn to the mysterious and inexplicable act of nature. There is so much we don't fully understand and I'm amazed of it's various abstract patterns.

I work mostly with dark colours. It gives me a calm mind and at the same time a deep inner power.

I do have a special love for the combination of black and red, I therefore have developed a series where I work particularly with this.

Sometimes I  work as an illustrator and I really love painting murals (even if it happens rarely).

All in all, I like challenging myself and take opportunities to develop me as an artist.



24-25 july see me at Maria Magdalena market (Rinkaby, Skåne, Sweden)

Active with: The book "Lilly och Mörkerskogen"

2023-2024 finished projects: 

- Exhibition at The Abyss (Gothenburg)  06/032024

- BOOK: "Lilly och Mörkerskogen" (Lilly and the Dark Forest) 10 /08/2022 - 07/03/2024 

- Exhibition at The Red Lion (Gothenburg): 07/12/2023 - 22/02/2024


  •   I'm open for new collaborations of any sort
  •   I'm looking for a mural-project

"Lilly och Mörkerskogen" (Lilly and the Dark Forest) is a classical storybook for children from age 7. It is heavily inspired of Nordic mythology and the book contains a lot of illustrations, to give that lively storybook feeling.

This has been such a great project together with Micha Foss-Ghazarian and I'm grateful for our publisher, LAVA.

For now, this book is only in Swedish.


"One night, the girl named Lilly is awakened by her family and understand that they need to flee their home and village. It doesn't take long before Lilly has lost them and her steps lead her into the enchanted dark forest.

In the dark forest, Lilly meets the stone troll Sten and other beings who promise to help her find her family again. But there are also evil beings lurking in the forest who want to harm Lilly and whom she must fight during her journey.

Will Lilly find her family again despite the obstacles she encounters along the way? Is Sten really as kind-hearted as he gives the impression of being? And who exactly is the mysterious figure who is a reproduction of Lilly herself?

Quality fine art prints available:



Red&Black series

Mural, Gothenburg 2021

Mural "Flickan och Stentrollet", Gothenburg
Original work

Mural, Ivågården, Ivö (Skåne) 2019


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